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“86 Sale” Saturday Aug 6

“Eighty-six” is slang meaning “to get rid of.” It comes from 1930s soda-counter slang meaning that an item was sold out. There is varying anecdotal evidence about why the term “eighty-six” was used, but the most common theory is that it’s rhyming slang for “nix“. Whatever. You’re going to love how we “86” a bunch of inventory that’s overstayed its welcome here at SharpShooters. Our 86 Sale opens for Members on Friday August 5, and for all customers Saturday & Sunday. Yes, the “8/6” sale starts on 8/5 and also goes to 8/7, but that’s not catchy is it? Anyway, the 86 Sale is all weekend. Below is a simple list of the item categories and the respective discounts for each category.

86 Sale on Non Firearms

  • Gun Parts-50% Discount: “Gun Parts” includes Stocks, Pistol Grips, Iron Sights, Pistol Sights, Barrels, Grip Mods, Slides, Vertical/Angled Grips, AR Kits, Triggers, Braces.
  • Magazines-40% Discount on all pistol magazines. **Excludes Magpul & Daniel Defense Magazines**
  • Red Dot Optics-50% Discount: All Pistol and AR Red Dot sights
  • Scopes-60% Discount: All Scopes
  • Optic Accessories-35% Discount: “Optic Accessories” means Rings, Cantilever Mounts, Red Dot Plates…things you would use to mount an optic.
  • Accessories-60% Discount: “Accessories” means Mantis Training products, rifle Slings, Rails, and pre-made Holsters. Accessories does not include Range Bags, Ear Pro, or SharpShooters custom made while you wait Holsters
  • Lights-50% Discount: All Pistol & Rifle Lights
  • Pepper Spray-75% Discount
  • Firearms Cleaning Supplies-50% Discount
  • Safes-50% Discount
  • Knives-60% Discount: All Knives 
  • Ammo: **Ammo is not included in the 86 Sale**

86 Sale on Firearms

  • Smith & Wesson – 30% off current price of all S&W firearms in stock.
  • JP Enterprises – 30% off current price of all JP rifles.
  • Brugger & Thomet – 30% off current price of all B&T firearms and lowers.
  • Alex Pro – 30% off current price
  • Tippmann Arms – 30% off current price of all Tippmann Arms .22 rifles
  • Century Arms – 30% off current price of all Century Arms firearms
  • Atlas – 30% off current price of all Atlas firearms
  • Christensen Arms – 20% off current price of all Christensen rifles

There you have it. It’s a silly name for a great sale, all for you. Members, come on over at 11AM on Friday. Not a member? You can easily take care of that right here, and get early access to all the goodies. Everyone else: the 86 Sale is Saturday 8/6 and Sunday 8/7. Can’t wait to see you!

2 thoughts on ““86 Sale” Saturday Aug 6”

    • No, unfortunately, we can’t advertise these prices on individual products online, lest our suppliers scream at us in bad tones. 😉

      Members can take advantage of the sale on Friday, whereas everyone else gets it on Saturday & Sunday.


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