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770-500-F-I-R-E (3473) | info@ssusa.co

AK Saturday January 15

For our first vendor event of 2022, we’re proud to present AK Saturday. The event is this coming Saturday, January 15, in conjunction with Kalashnikov USA. If you’re an AK fan, you don’t want to miss this one. Here’s what we’ve got planned.

Learn About the AK Platform

Our Kalashnikov USA Representative will be in the store all day, educating us on the ins and outs of the durable AK platform. There are many comparisons to the AR platform, and for good reason, but one of the main reasons folks love love love them some AK is that it just never stops running. No matter what you feed it or how you treat it, the AK never fails to fire.

Shoot All The AKs

Our Kalashnikov USA Representative is bringing KP9 9mm pistols, KR103 AK rifles, and a K12T 12ga tactical shotgun for you to shoot on the SharpShooters range. Your ticket to AK Saturday gets you 20 rounds of ammo for each gun to send down range. That’s right, 20 rounds of 9MM and 20 rounds of 7.62×39.

Win a KP9

Everyone who buys an AK Saturday ticket, and participates in the demo gun shooting will automatically be entered into the raffle to win a brand spanking new Kalashnikov KP9 pistol. We’ll do the drawing at the end of the day, and you do not have to be present to win. Although that would be cool.

Buy all the AKs on Sale

We’ve got a bunch of KP-9 9MM Pistols in the store. We also have several KR103 rifles and K12T tactical shotguns. For AK Saturday only, all of these Kalashnikov USA products will be on sale.

Get Your Ticket to AK Saturday

Tickets are $25 each. Every ticket provides you a 40 rounds of ammo to shoot the demo guns, range time, and an entry to win a Kalashnikov KP9 9MM pistol. Click the button below to get your ticket.

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