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(770) 500-3473 | info@ssusa.co

AR-15 Cleaning and Maintenance

Class Description

Do you own an AR-15 rifle or pistol? One of the most valuable things you can learn, and do, is how to break down, clean, and maintain your firearm.

The AR-15 Cleaning and Maintenance class is taught by Josh Mallett.

This course is designed to teach AR-15 rifle or pistol owners all he or she needs to know about breaking down, cleaning, and maintaining their AR-15 in top-running condition.

The student will come away with a better understanding of the mechanical cycle of operation of the AR-15 platform.

Topics Covered:

  • Brief history of the development of the AR platform
  • Mechanical cycle of operation
  • complete field strip and reassembly instructions
  • thorough cleaning techniques
  • and… Josh’s “tricks of the trade.”

Class Includes:

  • Real Avid AR-15 Master Cleaning Station
  • Shop materials