770-500-F-I-R-E (3473) | info@ssusa.co

770-500-F-I-R-E (3473) | info@ssusa.co

Banshee / EOTech Day Saturday Oct 23

Thank you so much for signing up to shoot some Banshees with EOTech optics and FREE AMMO!  Below is everything you to do for Saturday. What’s that? You didn’t sign up? We can remedy that really quick. Go here to sign up. When you do, you’ll be ready to show up on Saturday, shoot a couple of demo CMMG Banshees equipped with EOTech optics, get you some CMMG & EOTech swag, and a coupon for 5% off a Banshee or any EOTech optic, or 10% off when you buy BOTH.

What to do on (and before) Saturday

  1. Sign the waiver. The waiver is the same waiver you need to sign once a year to shoot on the range. If you’ve done this this year, you get to skip this part. If you haven’t, please go to ssusa.co, and click the red button at the bottom to sign the waiver before Saturday.
  2. Show up anytime 10-8pm on Saturday, check in at the Banshee/EOTech Day table.
  3. Enjoy the Banshees, EOTechs, and free ammo!

And since you’ll be here shooting the Banshees and all, you might be interested in the 29 (not a typo!) Banshees and 130 EOTech optics we have in the store. Here’s the list.

CMMG Banshee AR Pistols

  • QTY 3 – Banshee 300BLK in Black
  • QTY 5 – Banshee 300BLK in Sniper Gray
  • QTY 2 – Banshee .45 ACP in Black
  • QTY 3 – Banshee 9MM in Sniper Gray
  • QTY 2 – Banshee .9MM in Stormtrooper White
  • QTY 10 – Banshee 9MM in Graphite Black
  • QTY 4 – Banshee 5.56 w/16” barrel in Black

EOTech Optics

  • QTY 21 – EOTech XPS2-0 
  • QTY 17 – EOTech XPS3-0 
  • QTY 22 – EOTech EXPS2-0 
  • QTY 18 – EOTech EXPS3-0 
  • QTY 4 – EOTech EXPS3-0TAN 
  • QTY 20 – EOTech G33.STS 
  • QTY 8 – EOTech G33.STSTAN 
  • QTY 2 – EOTech G45.STS 
  • QTY 15 – EOTech 512.A65 
  • QTY 1 – EOTech VUDU 1-8X24 SFP HC3 BLK
  • QTY 2 – EOTech VUDU 1-6X24 FFP SR1 GREY 

Got questions? Email us at info@ssusa.co or call us at (770) 500-3473.

See you Saturday!

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