Red Letter Project

Red Letter Project 8 Week Coaching Program

The Red Letter Project has recently released its own Virtual Coaching Program, created to be one of the first of its kind in the industry.  Picture this, you understand that

K9 Veterans Day 2024

2024 K9 Veterans Day Celebration

I can’t believe this is our FOURTH year celebrating our awesome K9 working dogs. I love this party! As always, the goals for our K9 Veterans Day weekend celebration are

New Range Safety Rules

New Range Safety Rules

Effective today, we are implementing the following new range safety rules for shooting on the SharpShooters range. These policies are born out of one and only one priority: safety. Some

The $8,750 JP Rifle Build

The $8,750 JP Rifles 6.5 Creedmoor Setup

We see a lot of fun stuff come through our receiving department here. Most of the time, the wild and crazy builds never see the floor, because they’re FFL transfers

Labor Day 2023 with Retired K9 Dean

Labor Day 2023 with Retired K9 Dean

Every year, we celebrate Labor Day 2023 by celebrating our beloved working dogs, both military and police K9s. This year is no exception. Retired K9 Dean celebrates his adoption, which

Shotgun Workshop

Shotgun Workshop August 26

Shotguns are cool. There’s double barrel side by side, double barrel over & under, pump, semi-automatic, bullpup, and “other firearm” shotguns. All cool. All fun. All different. All with different

Firearms for Rent

Firearms for Rent Update

We’ve got a lot of firearms for rent on our range. We regularly take an inventory to see which firearms are oldest, used the most, used the least, and are

pistol brace rule update

Pistol Brace Rule Update

The ATF’s stabilizing pistol brace rule went into effect January 31, 2023. The ATF generously offered an “amnesty period” of 120 days, which expired May 31, 2023. During the “amnesty”

Right to Bear

Right to Bear: Why Switch from USCCA

SharpShooters has been an official USCCA partner for as long as I can remember, and long before I took over operations here. Earlier this month, we left USCCA and joined