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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions at SharpShooters

We love answering your questions about guns, ammo, training, accessories, and pretty much anything else firearm related. At our core, we are an education provider. We just happened to be disguising ourselves as a shooting range and gun store. Our primary occupation is helping people like you learn more about firearms, safety, self-defense, shooting, and whatever else it is you want to learn more about guns. However, we do get some questions more frequently than others. Below is a rundown of our most frequently asked questions here at SharpShooters, on the retail floor, on the range, on the phones, and from our website.

Thank you for giving to K9 Jerry Lee

You Gave Your Labor Day to the K9s

You bought 851 targets in 3 days. That means we get to give the Georgia Police K9 Foundation a gift of $8,510. Thank you for joining us and giving so generously.

K9 Officer Jerry Lee

A Labor Day for the Working Dogs

We hope you’ll join us for a Labor Day for the Working Dogs, anytime from Saturday September 4 at 10am through Monday September 6 at 8PM. We’ve got tons of ammo, lots of firearms on the shelves, new SharpShooters merchandise, and how can you not love a Police K9 Officer or five?


Having a Gun Does Not Make You Safe

The typical “summer slow down” continued through August, right up until last weekend, when all hell broke loose in Afghanistan. That day, and everyday since, foot traffic in our doors has been up 70% from where it was the previous 8 weeks. Why? Because the world is a less safe place than it was just over a week ago. Here’s what’s just happened, and where it seems to be headed.

Build Your Own AR15 with Gunsmith Josh Mallet

Build Your AR15 with Josh Mallet

Josh will teach you everything there is to know about how an AR15 rifle should work, what might break first, and how best to service, operate, maintain, and upgrade your rifle. If you’re even thinking about building an AR15, then you probably have some idea of how many different options there are. Josh has experience with just about all of them.


Dry Fire a Lot, Then Dry Fire Some More

The black cloud of the 2020 ammo shortage had one silver lining. The lack of ammo brought proper attention to dry fire practice. Today, the great ammo shortage of 2020 is over. There’s plenty of ammo. It’s just too expensive to use on the daily. So, dry fire it is. But the practice of dry firing still needs more attention, more accolades, and more instruction, so here goes.

A favorable experience

“Thanks for a Pleasant Experience”

If you were going to invite a friend or accompany a friend to purchase their very first firearm, where would you go? It is our goal to make everyone who comes into SharpShooters feel like they are valued, served, and welcomed back anytime.