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You can buy a rifle, but not a pistol

Rifle or Pistol: Which Would You Prefer?

An 18 year old can serve in the US military, and be issued an M-4 automatic rifle. That same 18 year old can buy an AR-10 (.308) with a 30 round magazine. That same 18 year old cannot purchase a .22 caliber pistol or .22 ammo. Until now.

Precision Rifle Course Update

Precision Rifle Course (PRC) Update

Way back in May, we pre-announced a long distance precision rifle training course, against my wishes. Our GM, Andy Glawe, had browbeat me into putting


The First Rule of Gun Store Safety

If you’re reading this article, you most likely know, or at least have heard, the four rules of firearm safety. However, there’s another rule that most people don’t know about until they work in a gun store or at a gun range. It’s about gun store safety, or how to act in a gun store.

The Economics of Ammo Prices

Ammo Prices: Covid, 2020, and Today

We get asked (that’s the nice way of saying it) every day, “why won’t you lower ammo prices?!?” The simple answer is that we’re a


Yes, We Can Process Your FFL Transfer

People ask us the question quite a bit, almost every day: “Do you handle my firearm FFL transfer?” The answer is yes, for all firearms including “NFA Items” such as suppressors, short barreled rifles, and and automatic weapons. After that very short conversation, the next question we get is, “OK, well how does that process work?” That’s what we’re getting to in this article: how to do a firearms / FFL transfer.

What is Lady SharpShooters?

What is Lady SharpShooters?

Every other Wednesday, we host a meeting called “Lady SharpShooters.” Almost every day, I get the question, “What is Lady SharpShooters?” So, here, I’ve interviewed

Used Firearm

Used Firearm Inventory June 28, 2021

We buy and sell used guns, and sell guns on consignment as well. Every now and then, our used gun counter gets pretty full. That would be today! Here’s our list of used guns for sale as of Monday, June 28. We also have a listing of firearms for sale on Gunbroker.com.