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Build Your AR15 with Josh Mallet

If you’ve been into SharpShooters, you’ve probably met, talked with, received advice from, or listened to the stories of our gunsmith, Josh Mallet. In addition to his gunsmithing shop, Josh currently teaches three classes at SharpShooters. Josh teaches Sig Pistol Cleaning & Maintenance, Glock Pistol Cleaning & Maintenance, and AR15 cleaning & maintenance. He is a fountain of knowledge of how Sigs, Glocks, and AR15 platform firearm operate and commonly malfunction. Best of all, Josh knows how to build them. Here, we are introducing Josh’s newest class.


Click on the link for each date to check out the class description and sign up for that date.

**Technical specifications for the actual build kit are here (PDF).

Learn All About the AR15 Platform

Josh is considered by his peers to be an expert in the AR platform. During this class, Josh will teach you everything there is to know about how an AR15 rifle should work, what might break first, and how best to service, operate, maintain, and upgrade your rifle. If you’re even thinking about building an AR15, then you probably have some idea of how many different options there are. Josh has experience with just about all of them.

Build Your Own AR15

As you learn each part and its function, you’ll be building your own AR15. We’re limiting this class to six (6) students, so each student will get plenty of individual attention. You will assemble every part, with Josh’s help of course, and you’ll understand exactly what each part does towards the functionality of the rifle.

The Full AR15 Build Kit

The cost of the class includes a complete AR15 rifle build kit, from butt stock to front sight, and everything in between. And, if you already have ideas about how you want your rifle to look, or the accessories you might want to make it uniquely yours, Josh can tell you exactly what will and won’t work for you. We’re just finalizing the parts list, and will make that available to all students.

Pre-Registration is Open

We’re making sure we get the class dates & times right, so we’re taking pre-registrations now. Then, when we price and schedule the classes, those who pre-registered will be notified and able to register for the class first. Register here for the “Build Your Own AR15” class.

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