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Why Maddy Created a Campus Safety Course

We are very excited to announce the availability of our “Campus Safety Course”, created and delivered by USCCA Training Counselor, Maddy Scholar. The course will take place from 4 – 8PM on Tuesday, November 23, which is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving Day. We’re scheduling the course during that week so that students and their parents can attend the course during a break from the college campus.

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Maddy designed the Campus Safety course mainly for college students, but is also appropriate for anyone who lives in an apartment or condo complex. The layouts are similar, though the situations can be very different. Below is Maddy Scholar’s explanation of how she came up with this Campus Safety course idea.

Maddy’s Motivation

I remember the experience of living by myself as a college student overseas in a city notorious for knife crime. As daunting as it sounds, being in situations like that forces you to come up with creative ways to keep yourself safe by being prepared and learning to read situations carefully.

I figured, why keep this knowledge to myself? Why not create something that can teach anyone about Campus Safety? If you know me, you know that if I’m good at anything, its keeping detailed logs of what happens in my life (check out the Maximize Your Training class for more insight).

Campus Safety Preparation

So I consulted some of my old journals and put together some campus safety survival tips for college students, parents, or anyone who lives in an apartment for that matter. We will walk through the three activities of college:

  1. Moving in
  2. Starting school
  3. Free time

Questions to Answer for Campus Safety

There are a lot of questions to answer when you start thinking about Campus Safety and how to keep yourself safe in a brand new environment with brand new people. Some of those questions are:

  • What ground rules should you set with your roommate?
  • How to improve your chances of surviving a robbery?
  • Why is an accountability system (that includes your parents) important?
  • How do I recognize a potential attack before it happens?
  • Have you ever actually deployed pepper spray before?

Be prepared, be safe, and spread the word. Hope to see you there November 23 at SharpShooters.

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