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Having a Gun Does Not Make You Safe


The typical “summer slow down” continued through August, right up until last weekend, when all hell broke loose in Afghanistan. That day, and everyday since, foot traffic in our doors has been up 70% from where it was the previous 8 weeks. Why? Because the world is a less safe place than it was just over a week ago. Here’s what’s just happened, and where it seems to be headed.

Build Your AR15 with Josh Mallet

Build Your Own AR15 with Gunsmith Josh Mallet

Josh will teach you everything there is to know about how an AR15 rifle should work, what might break first, and how best to service, operate, maintain, and upgrade your rifle. If you’re even thinking about building an AR15, then you probably have some idea of how many different options there are. Josh has experience with just about all of them.

Dry Fire a Lot, Then Dry Fire Some More


The black cloud of the 2020 ammo shortage had one silver lining. The lack of ammo brought proper attention to dry fire practice. Today, the great ammo shortage of 2020 is over. There’s plenty of ammo. It’s just too expensive to use on the daily. So, dry fire it is. But the practice of dry firing still needs more attention, more accolades, and more instruction, so here goes.

What is Lady SharpShooters?

What is Lady SharpShooters?

Every other Wednesday, we host a meeting called “Lady SharpShooters.” Almost every day, I get the question, “What is Lady SharpShooters?” So, here, I’ve interviewed Maddy Scholar, who leads and has led Lady SharpShooters for the last year. When Maddy started here at SharpShooters, the Ladies meeting consisted of about 7 or 8 ladies. Today, … Read more

Precision Rifle 2: July 10th & 24th

Precision Rifle 2

Back in March, we hinted at a series of precision rifle classes. We had a fantastic response, and filled 3 Precision Rifle Class 1 (PRC1) classes in May and June. The technical details of long range, precision shooting can seem overwhelming, but the instructor, former US Army Sniper & Sniper Instructor Kent Gilbert, brings it … Read more

Stop The Bleed Class

Stop The Bleed

Josh Corday, our instructor for “Stop the Bleed” classes, opened today’s class with a great point of view: “If you’re going how to learn to shoot holes in people, you’d better learn how to plug holes in yourself.” Josh is an experienced and very qualified Army Medic, with a tour in Afghanistan and more medical, … Read more

Precision Rifle Courses

Precision Rifle 1

Back in March, we began taking a hard look at “what else” we could offer our audience in the realm of firearms training. One idea that came up was an outdoor, long distance, precision rifle course. My first response was, “Uh, you know we’re an indoor shooting range, right?” But Andy, our GM, was persistent … Read more