Custom Laser Engraving While You Wait

Last summer, we invested in some machinery to enable us to create custom holsters to fit your specific carry firearm with it’s individual light, optic, trigger guard, angle, etc. That little business within a business has been very successful. We’ve made more than 500 custom holsters in less than 8 months. Today, we’re happy to announce that we now offer custom laser engraving while you wait.

What is “Custom Laser Engraving”?

Imagine if you will, a short video that brings it to life, just like the video right below here. That’s my Otterbox phone case, with a metal square on the back of it that sticks to the magnet mount in my car. I wanted our awesome logo engraved on it. Easy Peasy!

Custom laser engraving is the process by which we can take just about any text or any image that can be imported into CAD software, and reproduce that image on metal, hard plastic, or even wood.

Why Do I need Custom Laser Engraving

Here are the top uses for custom laser engraving as they apply to the firearms industry.

  • Form 1 Engraving – for home made firearms or suppressors
  • Manufacturing markings – serial numbers, FFL information
  • Custom text engraving – personalize a gift with hundreds of fonts
  • Restoration engraving – logos or text on classic or modern firearms that may have corroded or been damaged
  • Texture, pattern, artistic stippling – customize nylon or hard plastic pistol frames
  • Image or text engraving – put your logo and your text on any hard surface
  • Law enforcement firearm marking – department, badge number, serialization, etc.

How does the process work?

Similar to custom holsters, you bring in your firearm (or whatever else you want engraved, like my phone case), along with the text and/or image you want engraved to our gunsmith department (aka, Josh & John). They’ll make sure they know exactly what you want done, and perhaps run a couple of tests on some scrap material. Then it’ll take a few minutes to actually do the engraving. It’s really fast. The video above is speeded up a little, but that whole process took less than 30 seconds.

How much does it cost?

Custom laser engraving starts at $65 per item engraved. If you’ve got a lot of stuff with the same image or text, we can offer a good discount, since that work would be repetitive. The more customized the image / font, or the more weird the surface, the more it’ll cost.

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    • HA! Well, technically, we can mark anything metal, plastic, or wood with anything you require; however, I don’t think we can knowingly cross those lines that the ATF has drawn, even when we fundamentally disagree with them.


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