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(770) 500-3473 | info@ssusa.co

Frequently Asked Questions at SharpShooters

We love answering your questions about guns, ammo, training, accessories, and pretty much anything else firearm related. At our core, we are an education provider. We just happened to be disguising ourselves as a shooting range and gun store. Our primary occupation is helping people like you learn more about firearms, safety, self-defense, shooting, and whatever else it is you want to learn more about guns. However, we do get some questions more frequently than others. Below is a rundown of our most frequently asked questions here at SharpShooters, on the retail floor, on the range, on the phones, and from our website.

What if my question is not answered here?
Call us at (770) 500-3473 or email us at info@ssusa.co

What are your hours?
SharpShooters is open to the public at the following times:

  • Monday – Friday 11AM – 8PM
  • Saturday 10AM – 8PM
  • Sunday 1PM – 7PM.

Do you have XYZ firearm in stock? How much is it?
Maybe. Right now (September 19, 2021) we have TONS of firearms in stock. Do we have the very specific make and model you’re asking about? Maybe. Call us, and we’ll be happy to check our inventory.

Can I order one through you guys?
Yes, but. So, yes, technically, we can order anything from any of our suppliers; however, you’ll never get it. We could go into a very long treatise on the economics of firearms just like we did the economics of ammo in the 2020-2021-covid economy. Here’s the short version: firearm manufacturers are making their best sellers, and nothing else. If they’re making it, we likely have it, or may soon be getting it. For why we use the word “may”, please keep reading.

Do you know when you’ll be getting more in?
No. You think I’m kidding. I’m not in the least. It’s crazy to think we can do business this way, but we literally have absolutely no idea when we’re getting anything, except maybe rifle bags. Those are somewhat predictable. But guns? Nope. We get maybe a day’s notice when something ships. Maybe. Usually, we get an invoice after a bunch of boxes have landed in receiving.

Do you have XYZ caliber ammo?
Yes. Well, probably. Again, at this moment (9/19/2021) we have well over a million rounds of ammo in the store, and we’ve got almost every common caliber you can name.

How much is ammo?
If you have to ask…seriously, you’re not going to like the price. Ammo prices were disgusting in January, offensive in May, and now it’s just enough to make you roll your eyes. It’s far cheaper than it was in January of this year, and we have a lot more of it, but we had to pay through the nose to get it. I’d give it away if I could, but that would end badly.

When will you get some more ammo in?
Ha! See previous point above regarding when we’ll get certain firearms in. 100% unpredictable, but as of this writing, we’ve got lots of ammo.

Do you think the ammo crisis will end anytime soon?
No. See previous blog post on ammonomics in the 2020-2021-covid economy.

Do you sell XYZ type of magazine?
Yes, probably, but best to call first and check to see if we have it in inventory.

Are you a Blue Label dealer?
Yes. We carry Glock and CZ Blue Label firearms specifically for Law Enforcement Officers. Inventory of Blue Label firearms is subject to the same economic unpredictability as all other guns & ammo.

Do I need a reservation to come shoot at the range at your facility?
No. You do not need a reservation; however, SharpShooters Members can make reservations 24 hours in advance. We are open to the general public.

I’ve never shot a gun and I’d like to get some training. How do I get set up with a training session?
Great! Training is our favorite! Start at ssusa.co/training/.

How much does it cost to shoot at the range?
The price for lane rental is $20 / person and $15 for an additional person. Lane rental fees are always free for SharpShooters Members.

Is there a time limit for lane rentals?
No. There is no limit to your range time at SharpShooters. Other ranges charge by the hour or half hour. We don’t. Stay as long as you like.

Does SharpShooters accept firearms transfers from other gun stores?
Yes. We do dozens of transfers every day. Firearms transfers are $60, and $25 for SharpShooters Members. FFL dealers can email their FFL license to us at info@ssusa.co and FFLs can download our FFL license at ssusa.co/ffl.

How will I know when my firearm transfer is ready for me to pick up?
We will call you when your firearm has been received and is ready for pick up.

Do I need to make an appointment to see the gunsmith? What times is he usually there?
Josh, the friendliest gunsmith in the South, is here from 11am – 6pm Tuesday through Saturday. During those times, he may be busy, but you do not need an appointment.

How can I check on the status of my firearm that I dropped off with the gunsmith?
When your firearm service is complete, we’ll call you to let you know. The Easiest way to check that status is to give us a call at 770-500-3473.

Do I need to receive any formal training before shooting at your range?
No formal training is required; however, we highly recommend that everyone get at least an introductory level of firearms safety training. All shooters are required to watch a safety video and agree to the safety & liability waiver before shooting on the SharpShooters range.

How old do you have to be to shoot at the range?
Anyone 18 or older can shoot on the range. Children 12 and older can shoot when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Check out our range rules here.

Do I need to bring my own gun?
No. We have dozens of rifles and handguns for rent. You must be 18 to rent a rifle and 21 to rent a pistol.

I’ve never bought a gun before. Which class can I take or who can I talk to that can help give me recommendations?
If you’ve never bought or owned a gun before, we recommend you come in and talk to any of our associates. Start the conversation by telling them that you’ve never bought/owned a gun before. We’ll help you decide what type of gun is right for you, and then we’ll let you hold different models. Then you can shoot several different models on the range, and see which gun(s) feels the best in your hand. There’s no single “best” gun for everyone. It always comes down to personal preference.

As for a class to take for new gun owners, our Handgun & Defensive Shooting Fundamentals is a great introduction to safety and handgun operation.

Can I bring my own firearms to the range?
Yes. Our range is safe for all rifles up to .50 caliber.

Do you have someone there that can teach me to shoot when I arrive?
Yes. We offer firearms safety training in group classes or you can schedule a private lesson with one of our instructors.

How much is a membership to SharpShooters?
SharpShooters Memberships start at $40 per month.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?
SharpShooters members never pay lane fees or firearms rental fees, get 10% off all training and select inventory, get moved to the front of the waiting line for lane rentals at busy times, receive discount firearms transfers ($25), can bring guests for only $10, and get first access to the newest products.

Do you guys buy used guns?
Yes. Bring your guns in cased and unloaded and we’ll be happy to offer you a fair price or trade in.

I just bought a gun from Gun Broker and want it shipped to you guys. Do I need to do anything else?
The seller will need a copy of our FFL, which we are happy to provide.

Do I need to get a license to purchase a gun?
No. You need ID and proof of Georgia residency.

How do I register my gun?
You don’t. Georgia does not require guns to be registered.

My friend wants to buy a gun from me, can we go through you to facilitate that purchase?
Some states require that you utilize an FFL to conduct a private party firearms transaction. Georgia does not. If you wish to have a record of the transaction, then we are happy to provide the transfer service to you for a fee of $60; however, such a record is not legally necessary.

Can you shoot rifles/shotguns at your facility?
Yes. Our range is safe for rifles up to .50 caliber. Shotguns must shoot slugs. No bird or buck shot is allowed on our range, sorry.

Can I reserve a lane for myself and some friends? (non-members)
SharpShooters Members can reserve lanes 24 hours in advance. Non-members cannot make lane reservations in advance. Also, lanes are limited to 2 people at a time.

What is the promo code/discount code for members to get 10% off of classes?
HA! We’re not gonna give that out here! Call (770) 500-3473 or email memberships@ssusa.co

Do you have someone on the range that can give us a refresher on training?
No. Our Range Safety Officers (RSO) are there to ensure the safety of all participants. For training, we highly recommend you take one of our introductory training classes.

When does USPSA/US Arms meet for their matches?
USPSA meets Mondays. US Arms meets every other Thursday.

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  1. I have an older Ruger Mini-14, stainless steel semi-automatic with collapsible stock (1980s) in great condition that I am starting to price for sale or trade in. Does Sharpshooters buy used rifles.


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