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Instant Financing via Credova

We hope you are now aware that Mastercard, Visa, American Express, the ISO, anti-constitution politicians, and the “big banks” have collaborated to track our purchases at gun stores. They’ve created a Merchant Category Code (MCC) specifically for gun stores. Whether you buy a range bag, sling, cleaning kit, or 10 rifles and pistols, the MCC will still show “gun store”. The government shouldn’t have access to this data, but even the least skeptical gun owner knows better. The question is, what are we doing about it? Instant Financing through Credova.

Solutions Other Than Credit Cards

Last week, we rolled out our 60-Day Layaway program, which has been very well received. In the near future, we will have an ATM installed in the store. But today, we’re happy to announce instant financing through Credova. For reference, if you’ve ever purchased a firearm directly from the Daniel Defense website, you’ve seen that DD also partners with Credova to enable you to finance your firearm purchase.

How Does Credova Instant Financing Work?

There are three ways to get instant financing to make a purchase at SharpShooters.

  • Direct Link via Email – When you’re in the store, and you decide to use Credova instant financing, we can send you a direct link and you can complete the application process from your mobile device.
  • In Store Kiosk – Also in the store, you can use one of our kiosks to complete the application process.
  • Website Checkout – When you’re shopping on our website (BTW, everything in the store is also on the website) and you are ready to checkout, you’ll now see a new option (screenshot below) that shows you your potential monthly payment amount when you use Credova to finance your purchase.
Instant financing through Credova

Some Credova FAQs

  • The application process, start to finish, should be less than 5 minutes, no matter which of the above options you choose.
  • You can finance any purchase over $300 and up to $5,000.
  • You can treat this financing like “90 days same as cash”. Remember, the whole reason we’re doing this is to avoid the use – and tracking – of credit card purchases.
  • Customers can only have one outstanding Credova financed transaction at a time. That’s their rule, not ours.
  • Credova financing does not work like a line of credit. It’s good for one purchase only. Once that purchase is paid off, you can apply again, just like the first time.

As we mentioned earlier, we’ll be installing an ATM in the store, offering a cash discount, and otherwise helping you avoid having your credit card purchases monitored by folks who have no business monitoring them.

1 thought on “Instant Financing via Credova”

  1. Congratulations! This is the right move.
    You will recall/note, that I suggested this as a potential mitigant immediately after your September 12th blog post in a reply.

    I think that your swift action in addressing this development will benefit your business greatly in the long run.

    You should consider partnering with some other merchants (start off local) to sell your gift cards in their stores. You should have some decent leverage in making these types of deals because you will drive foot traffic into their stores and your clientele is generally of an above-average income level. It would be a win/win. I have a particular merchant/category in mind. Shoot me an e-mail if you’d care to discuss.

    At any rate—keep up the good fight. We need more business owners like you!


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