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K9 Dean Labor Day Celebration

Who works harder than a Police K9? The proper answer is “nobody!” And who LOVES their work more than a police K9? Again, “nobody!” No one is more excited to go to “work” every morning than a well trained Police K9. They are highly trained and they love what they do. This Labor Day, we’re going to tell the story of Retired K9 Dean as we work to spread awareness of our two K9 partners.

Why K9s?

When I took over SharpShooters back in January of 2021, I decided that I wanted to use our resources – the range, the store, the whole facility – to help two type of charitable organizations: Veterans & K9s. Why? Because both US Military Veterans and K9 working dogs have both chosen to volunteer to run towards the sound of the guns with little regard for their own lives, and total dedication to protecting the people they serve. It’s that simple. Their sacrifice is worthy of our giving. It just so happens that Memorial Day and Labor Day are the two perfect holiday weekends around Summer to organize annual fun fundraising events to support such organizations, Project K9 Hero and Georgia Police K9 Foundation.

Who is Retired K9 Dean?

K9 Dean served as a Narcotics and Human Detection K9 with U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Seattle, WA, for five years. Dean has had a multitude of narcotic seizures in the Seattle Port environment since joining the Seattle K9 Team in 2017. He also worked with outside agencies, such as Homeland Security Investigations, DEA, FBI, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Seattle P.O., and many other state and local agencies.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

Project K9 Hero

K9 Dean was facing euthanasia in retirement due to some aggressive behaviors and multiple bites to CBP Employees. K9 Dean received a second chance in life with Project K-9 Hero. His handler drove him across the country to transition him into the Project K9 Hero Rehabilitation and Rehoming Facility in Tennessee. 

Jena & Retired K9 Dean

K9 Dean arrived at Project K9 Hero as the 143rd Program Member in the summer of 2021. 

After several weeks of working with Dean, PK9H found him the paw-fect home with an Air Force Veteran named Jena, on a small farm in Georgia.

Who is Jena?

Jena is an Air Force Veteran and Licensed Veterinarian Technician with vast experience in rehoming dogs who faced euthanasia like Dean. Jena also has a soft spot for caring for and understanding working dogs with behavioral issues. PK9H received  hundreds of applications to adopt K9 Dean, and they chose Jena to bring K9 Dean to her five fenced acres in Georgia.

I can’t even begin to describe how much this community means to me. The love, the support, the acceptance… all because I adopted a dog. In my entire life, I can’t recall a feeling of welcome like this.

– Jena

When Jena adopted Dean, he was on Prozac and CBD oil for extreme anxiety and behavioral issues. Dean lived his service life in a crate and kennel, simply doing his job when asked. He was never socialized with other dogs and he never lived in a house. Since bringing him home, Jena has managed Dean with a routine and obedience, and he is now one of the pack! Now he sleeps on the couch every night! He became best friends with her female Malinois (also a rescue), London, and he’s even learning how to play. He’s turned into a huge goofball! He loves cuddling and being close to Jena. K9 Dean loves attention and affection.

What Happens to K9 Dean Post Adoption?

K9 Dean will remain a full-time member of the PK9H pack. That means having his medical needs and his food taken care of at 100% by the nonprofit. Jena has started an Instagram account for K9 Dean for everyone to follow his new adventures at @retired_k9_dean.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection put their trust in Project K9 Hero with K9 Dean’s adoption process. The organization is a primary resource for K-9 Heroes that need a home in retirement or are facing euthanasia due to extreme behavioral issues or aggression.

WOW! How do we help other K9s?

The easy answer is to donate to Project K9 Hero and/or Georgia Police K9 Foundation. Both organizations are 501(c)(3) non profits who devote 100% of their effort to rescuing and caring for K9 working dogs.

The FUN answer is to visit SharpShooters over this Labor Day Weekend, which includes Saturday, Sunday, and Monday September 5. We’ll have lots of fun stuff going on and lots of K9s, retired and active, who will gladly slobber and hair you at no cost whatsoever. 🙂

What’s the Agenda for Labor Day Weekend?

The Labor Day Celebration starts Saturday, September 3, at 11AM, and continues through Monday (Labor Day) at 8PM. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to donate to Georgia Police K9 Foundation and Project K9 Hero.

  • Everyone Shoots Free! No lane fees for anyone from Saturday through Monday!
  • Saturday Raffle/Giveaway:
  • Sunday Raffle/Giveaway:
  • Monday Raffle/Giveaway:
  • All targets are $10, and each target is a donation to Project K9 Hero and GA Police K9 Foundation.
  • Giveaways! Each target you purchase enters you into ALL of the drawings for very unique prizes, including one of only two Cups4K9s K9 Dean Coffee Mugs, one of a kind K9 Dean / 1776 United T-shirts, several firearms, and much more.
  • Food Truck! The Patty Wagon will serve up some of the best burgers and fries you’ve ever had from 12PM – 2PM on Monday.
  • Ice Cream! Atlanta Ice Cream Truck will cool your palate with sweet frozen treats from 3-4:30PM on Monday.
  • ALL the K9s! From 11AM – 4PM on Labor Day Monday, ALL the K9s will be at SharpShooters awaiting your pets and scratchies! These wonderful doggos will include Retired K9 Dean (of course), K9 Jerry Lee, K9 Flash, K9 Raider, K9 Mattis, K9 Harley, K9 Smokey, and Kyle Briley, President of GA Police K9 Foundation. We included Kyle among the list of K9s who will be in attendance, but Kyle is not a dog. 😉
  • SALE: While you’re here, check out the guns & ammo we have on sale all weekend! Ammo includes .22LR, .40S&W, and 9MM. Firearms include all Smith & Wesson pistols and rifles, Christensen AR15 rifles, Kalashnikov KP-9 AK Pistols, and Sig MPX 9MM tactical pistols.

We hope you’ll join us over the Labor Day weekend. We promise lots of fun, food, giveaways, slobber and dog hair for the best cause ever.

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  1. I always make sure to attend one of the days to support the pups. Will you all ever consider to host another tennis ball shoot to support the pups? It was a great event! Regardless, I’ll be there one if not two days this weekend to support the working K9 heros.


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