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A Labor Day for the Working Dogs

When I took over ownership of SharpShooters in January, I made the decision to support two types of charities. First, we love and support our US Military Veterans. For Memorial Day, we worked closely with VetBuds, a local charity who donates 100% of their donations to help our Veterans. Second, we love and support our local law enforcement, and, specifically, our K9 Officers. For Labor Day 2021, we are going all in with Georgia Police K9 Foundation to support our local Police Working Dogs. Remember what we did Memorial Day? We’re planning a similar event for Labor Day, September 4-6.

K9 Jerry Lee

Our first goal is to bring awareness and funding to K9 Jerry Lee. Earlier this year, while pursuing a criminal, K9 Jerry Lee was shot in the front left leg. He survived, but the doctors could not save his leg. They amputated K9 Jerry Lee’s leg a few days after the incident. Due to the injury, he is now recovered, and living out a great retirement. Jerry Lee is also a fantastic K9 for community outreach.

All the money we raise over Labor Day weekend will go to Georgia Police K9 Fund to help with K9 Jerry Lee’s medical and retirement costs.

Fun & Games for the K9 Working Dogs

In order to raise that money for K9 Jerry Lee’s well-earned retirement, we’re going to have some fun! Here’s what’s in store (so far!).

  • Everybody shoots FREE (no lane fees!) from Saturday at 11AM through Monday at 8PM
  • All targets are $10 all weekend long
  • All proceeds from the sales of $10 targets go 100% directly to GPK9F for K9 Jerry Lee
  • Every purchase of a $10 target puts you in the mix for one of our DAILY giveaways (keep reading!)
  • Everything (yes, including guns & ammo) in the store is 10% off the price shown all weekend
  • Georgia Police K9 Foundation will be here all day Monday with K9 Jerry Lee and several other Police K9s
  • Mark & Mattis will be here to sign autographs of “My Dog Mattis” (buy it on Amazon!) on Monday.
  • The Patty Wagon Food Truck will be here from 12PM-2PM on Labor Day (RSVP)
  • The Atlanta Ice Cream Truck will be here from 3PM-4PM on Labor Day (RSVP)

You Won’t Believe What We’re Giving Away!

Raffle: Buy a target, enter the raffle. Everyone who donates to K9 Jerry Lee with the purchase of (at least) one target on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday is eligible for the drawing EACH DAY to win one of these ridiculous prizes:

You can enter as many times as you like with the purchase of a $10 target. The more targets you buy, the more money we will donate to K9 JerryLee, and the more chances you’ll have to win one of these fantastic firearms.

Please Join Us for Labor Day for the Working Dogs!

We hope you’ll join us for a Labor Day for the Working Dogs, anytime from Saturday September 4 at 10am through Monday September 6 at 8PM. We’ve got tons of ammo, lots of firearms on the shelves, new SharpShooters merchandise, and how can you not love a Police K9 Officer or five?!?

RSVP here so we know how many to expect for the Food Truck and Ice Cream!

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