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Low Light Pistol Class June 26

Guest Instructor Brent Brabant of One One Bravo of Ranier, WA, will be at SharpShooters on Saturday, June 26, to lead a Low Light Pistol Class with Maddy Scholar. Sign up for the class here. Brent recently invited Maddy to come to One One Bravo in Washington for a weekend of outdoor tactical training. Brent was impressed with Maddy’s skills and teaching ability, and we’ve worked out this time for Brent to share his tactical experience with our audience here in Roswell.

Low Light Pistol Class June 26, 11AM-5PM: $150 per Student – Register here

About the Low Light Pistol Class

This course will explain and examine different lights and light options for concealed carry. Students will learn how to properly identify and engage targets under low light conditions. Students will also learn how to engage from cover and on the move. This understanding is then combined with knowing when to and when not to keep your light on. We highly encourage students to bring both handheld and mounted lights if at all possible.

Low Light Pistol Class Required Equipment

The class is not for first time shooters. Prior handgun knowledge and experience is required. Safety in this class is an expectation. We always provide a safety brief, but we will not be teaching safety as a new topic. Students will need to come equipped with the following items to join the class.

  • Pistol with magazine
  • One spare magazine
  • Holster and belt
  • Minimum 100 rounds of ammunition
  • Flashlight (mounted or handheld, preferably both)

SharpShooters will provide rental eye/ear protection, if needed, and targets. Students can purchase all other equipment in the store.

Schedule and Cost

Students must arrive 30 minutes early in order to do an equipment check. The schedule for the class is as follows.

  • 11am-4pm: Low Light Pistol Class
  • 4pm-5pm: Question/answer session with Brent Brabant of One One Bravo

INFORCE Lights is sponsoring the class and the Top Shooter of the Class will receive a free INFORCE weapon light!

The cost of this class is $150 per student. Register for the Low Light Pistol Class here. We do expect this class to sell out quickly.

About Brent Brabant

Brent was born and raised in Florida and graduated high school early to join the service. He joined the Army in 2008 as an Infantryman, served 10 years in the Infantry, and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. He served in the positions of Rifleman, Sniper, Senior Sniper, Team Leader, Squad Leader, Marksmanship Instructor, Weapons Squad Leader, and Platoon Sergeant. Throughout his time in the service, Brent had the opportunity to take a wide variety of shooting classes, attended Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC), Advanced Low-vis Course, and Squad Designated Marksmanship Course, and became a lead instructor at the Advanced Marksman Instructor Course (AMIC) at JBLM. At this academy, there were three weeks consisting of CQB Marksmanship with rifle and pistol, room clearing, and engaging targets with a carbine out to 600 meters.

These classes, with up to 60 students for three weeks at a time for over three years helped Brent understand that he wanted to continue teaching when he retired from the service. Having worked in the gun industry since leaving the Army, Brent has always been interested in media and photography and product videography. He decided to start his own company, OneOneBravo LLC, to fill a need he saw lacking in the industry. Brent currently runs private training classes and conducts one free class every month for the community in the Pacific North West. These classes are at no charge to the students as all the steel and paper are provided by Brent and supporting sponsors. At these free classes, Brent covers different topics and shows off products from supporting sponsors to help promote brands in the industry.

Sign up for the Low Light Pistol Class here.

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