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Free Ammo for a Year!

That’s not just click bait, though I do hope it got your attention. This year, for our Memorial Day weekend celebration to honor and remember our fallen Military heroes, we are giving away free ammo for a year. But that’s just the start. We’ll be doing wild and crazy stuff all weekend, Friday May 28 through Monday, May 30. Here’s the full meal deal of what we’re doing next weekend. We hope you can join us for some good clean fun, all for the purpose of generating funds to support a local disabled veteran.

Who We Support and Why

When we acquired SharpShooters in January 2021, I determined to use the organization’s resources to support two separate, but closely related, charity types. First, we support our Military Veterans. I serve in the Georgia State Defense Force, and a huge portion of our mission is supporting the Georgia Army National Guard. From my years in the GSDF, I’ve seen very clearly what our military warfighters and their families sacrifice during peacetime and deployment. Words are not adequate to describe our debt to these individuals and their families. We are proud to partner with VetBuds, a local 501(c)(3) charity, to support our Veterans.

Second, we support Working Dogs, including both Military Working Dogs and Police K9s. I love dogs. I could stop right there because that’s a good enough reason. But every time I learn of another K9 wounded or killed in the line of duty, doing what they love, doing what they are trained to do, I love these animals more and more. They cannot speak for themselves, so we will help them and speak for them. We are so happy to partner with Georgia Police K9 Foundation to help care for these dogs when they need medical attention.

Please consider donating to both of these great organizations.

Memorial Day 2022

Last year, I had no idea what to do, so we did everything, and it worked! It was such an amazing day that I knew it would become an annual event. This year, with a little time to consider things, we’re gonna do just about the same thing! Except we’re sweetening the pot just a bit: free ammo for a year. Yes, I know, we’re crazy. I asked my managers what they thought, and they all loved it. So, here we go!

Free Ammo For A Year

Here’s what else we’ll have going on:

  • The first 50 people through the doors Saturday, Sunday, and Monday get a free SharpShooters t-shirt. We’ve got several designs to choose from.
  • On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, we will be raffling off a different firearm each day. Here are the guns you’ll have a shot at winning!
  • Everyone shoots free (no lane fees) all weekend: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
  • All targets are $10, and every target you purchase puts you in all the raffles.
  • All proceeds from target sales will be donated to VetBuds, in support of a local Disabled Veteran, Nairobi Epps, who served 6 years in the Army National Guard as 12W in the Corp of Engineers. Epps’ unit deployed to Afghanistan in 2014 during OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom). Nairobi is 43 years old, recently divorced, and a father of two teenage boys. After being medically discharged in 2015 (and now a disabled veteran), Epps was spinning his wheels on what to do next in life, as his plan was to retire from the Army. Our friends at VetBuds have helped Nairobi find his path in life after the military.
  • VetBuds and North Fulton VFW, Post 12002 will be on site all weekend, accepting donations and talking about how they help our US Military Veterans in their time of need.
  • ALL the K9 Teams are visiting! Here’s when each of your favorite goodest doggos will be here:
    • K9 Dean (ret.): Monday, 1PM – 3PM
  • For the whole weekend, Saturday at 11AM to Monday at 8PM, everything in the store is 15% off. “Everything” means everything except consignment items and LE/Blue Label firearms.
  • On Memorial Day Monday we’ll have all the food!
  • Finally, on Monday evening at 8PM, we will draw from all the people who purchased targets over the weekend, and someone will win FREE AMMO FOR A YEAR! What we mean by that is a case (1,000 rounds) of 9MM ammo every month for one year.

Please Join Us For Memorial Day Weekend

We want to remember and honor everyone who served our great nation and gave the ultimate sacrifice. This is how we show love and support for our veterans and their families. Will you join us to celebrate the freedom they fought for this Memorial Day weekend? Here’s the event flyer. Feel free to download, print, and share with everyone you know.

Free Ammo for a Year

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