Level 2.5: Holster Draw Skill Builder

This session is to be taken after In-Depth Pistol – Holster Draws. It is the fourth step in your path to becoming a sharpshooter.


Because we keep these classes extremely small and they usually have a wait list, Skill Builders require a minimum of twenty-four (24 hours) notice to cancel or change dates.  If you cancel after that time or no-show the class fees are forfeited.

The Holster Draw Skill Builder course is taught by Maddy Scholar.


  • Level 2: Holster Draws or instructor acceptance

Equipment Provided:

  • Electronic ear protection

Equipment Required:

  • Eye protection
  • Notebook
  • Sturdy belt
  • Holster (must be standard Kydex holster unless approved by the instructor prior to class)
  • Mag pouches or equivalent
  • Firearm
  • 2 magazines (minimum)
  • 300 rounds of ammunition (minimum)

Minimum Number of Students:  4

Course Description:

Pistol Skill Builder courses are three (3) hour practice sessions that were created for students to form muscle memory through repetition.  With the help of an instructor students will focus on a specific skill and preform drills which will help improve shooters consistency and ability to perform under pressure or in a stressful situation.  In the Holster Draw Skill Builder course students will focus on:

  • Assessing fundamentals
  • Overt draw techniques
  • Overt draw under time
  • Developing awareness of range etiquette past the lane tables
  • Concealed carry tips and tricks
  • Covert draw techniques
  • Covert draw under time
  • Developing awareness of range etiquette past the lane tables
  • Emergency slide lock reloads
  • Hot reloads
  • Context behind both types of reloads
  • Reload technique
  • Reloads under time