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Cajun Patriots Suppressor Grease

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  • All Optimus Micro interfaces, front cap, and baffle exterior
  • All Optimus Taper interfaces ( blast baffle tapers, taper mount extension taper, taper locking geometry inside tube body, taper locking front caps)
  • All taper mount muzzle device interfaces (device and suppressor socket)
  • All pistol piston retainers and 3 lug kits (for OD thread on metal 3 lug rear cap)





The Cajun Patriots Suppressor Grease is a lubricant that will prevent your suppressor from seizing/locking onto your threads. This anti cease product is the perfect lubricant for thread joints, baffle exteriors on serviceable suppressors, and muzzle device interfaces for all sound suppressors. Cajun makes this grease to withstand high temperatures while preventing any grease from burning while shooting. Cajun Patriots Suppressor Grease comes in a two ounce jar that can accommodate approximately 100 applications. Use of any anti cease product on the aforementioned areas is always encouraged as it will make periodically needed end user maintenance and configuration many times easier.


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