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Campus Safety Course

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Heading off to college?  Living in an apartment?  Walking, hiking, driving, shopping, taking an Uber?  No matter where you are crime happens every day and every where.  Even some of America’s safest cities and university campuses experience some level of crime including everything from theft, bullying, and stalking to burglaries and assaults.  So, when it comes to safety concerns, no one is immune.  Join us in exploring ways to keep yourself or your loved-one safe.


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The Campus Safety course is taught by Maddy Scholar.

This course is designed for both high school and university students, anyone living in an apartment, or parents of those who are attending a university. In the Campus Safety course you will learn about the dangers of complacency and discuss the warning signs and indicators of an attack.

Students will discuss the importance of:

  • having an accountability system with roommates;
  • a plan while going out with friends;
  • the importance of designated drivers;
  • avoiding “looking like a victim”; and
  • putting away lethal distractions, such as cell phones.

Student will also:

  • begin to understand the concept of conflict avoidance, including social media awareness;
  • how to secure an apartment; and
  • constant acknowledgement of exits in a public setting.

Finally, we will discuss various techniques and tools that can be discretely used in self defense, such as:

  • tactical pens;
  • personal alarms; and
  • pepper spray.

Students will get hands-on practice using inert pepper spray canisters.


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December 16, 2021 / 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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