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Real Avid 9mm Cleaning Kit

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  • Compatible for cleaning GLOCK, SIG SAUER & ANY OTHER 9mm, .38, .380 & .357 caliber pistols & handguns.
  • 9mm brass brush to safely & easily scrub the bore without causing damage like a steel brush.
  • Nylon bore brush & bore mop for rapid handgun bore maintenance & lubrication.
  • Integrated patch dispenser & 9mm gun cleaning patches that are ultra-absorbent & fit the included pistol jags & slotted tip.
  • Compact storage case that keeps components organized for transport & conveniently stores, brushes, jags, picks, cleaning rod, bore mop, & cleaning patches.
  • Capable of cleaning and maintaining handguns chambered in 9mm, .357, .380 & .38 caliber.





Real Avid 9mm Cleaning Kit is a complete gun cleaning and gun detailing kit for 9mm handguns. This comprehensive set features selection of bore cleaning tools, exterior scrubbing brushes and detailing gunk and grime removal tools. Contained in a slimline, ultra-compact, butterfly-open case, this set is easy to store or take along. Efficiently organized, allows you to efficiently employ it on your workbench or in the field, on the range. It’s a perfect gun cleaning kit for new gun owners, conceal-carry owners who travel, avid range shooters or competitive shooters.


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