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Uberti 1873 Cattleman II 9mm/357Mag 5.5″

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Features of the 1873 Cattleman II:

  • Includes two interchangeable cylinders – one for .357 magnum and one for 9mm (9mm cylinder rated for +P cartridges)
  • Retractable firing pin
  • Color case hardened frame
  • Brass grip frame
  • 5.5″ barrel



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Uberti keeps the spirt of these timelessly classic handguns alive with the 1873 Cattleman II 9mm/357Mag 5.5″. This revolver is a fusion of authentic features and contemporary enhancements. Its overall design is true to the original with features like a color case hardened frame, a front blade sight/rear trench sight, and hardwood grips. The 1873 Cattleman Brass’s modern day improvements include interchangeable cylinders, one chambered for .357 Magnum and one for 9mm. The 9mm cylinder headspaces at the cartridge mouth, eliminating the need for moon-clips, and is also rated for +P ammunition. Other upgrades include an innovative retractable firing pin. When original Single Action Army pistols are fully loaded, the firing pin rests on a cartridge’s primer, making them unsafe to carry with all six rounds. The only way to carry an original single-action safely is to keep the hammer un-cocked with the firing pin resting on an empty chamber. Uberti fixes this age old problem with a unique new system as part of the 1873 Cattleman II 9mm/357Mag 5.5″: at rest, the firing pin floats freely in its guide and exerts no pressure on the chamber. When the hammer is fully cocked, the sear shifts into position to engage the pin. When the trigger is pulled the sear engages the pin and locks it forward until the trigger is released. Since the firing pin is unlocked when the hammer is down, the risk of accidental discharge is greatly reduced.



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