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Red Letter Project 8 Week Coaching Program

The Red Letter Project has recently released its own Virtual Coaching Program, created to be one of the first of its kind in the industry. 

Picture this, you understand that shooting skill is mainly built through dry firing repetition in the home. So, you go downstairs, clear out your firearm, post a target on the wall, and get ready to practice. After a few repetitions of pointing at the target, you realize that A) you have no idea where to even start and B) that what you are currently doing is completely boring and not challenging. You put your firearm down and don’t touch it again until you go to the range in a few weeks. What did you accomplish?

Seasoned shooters understand that a majority of shooting skill is built through dry fire in the home, however, newer shooters often struggle to understand where to even start. The #1 issue new shooters often experience is the feeling of having to “restart” every time they show up to the range, which for many, is only feasible a few times per month. This program was designed with 30+ drill videos and skill explanations that you can work on, first from the comfort of your home, and then at the live fire range. However, this is not just any online course, it is a coaching program that includes private and group coaching calls as well as access to an online community of local shooters.

Whether you are brand new, need a refresher, or are looking to correct bad habits created over a decade of shooting, the program will help you reach your goal of being a comfortable, confident, and proficient shooter. 

Here are four reasons why our program surpasses the main barriers to entry when it comes to learning and maintaining firearms proficiency:

  1. Barrier #1: ammunition costs associated… a huge misconception is that a shooter will need to shoot hundreds of thousands of rounds to achieve a certain level of capability, when in reality, there are more cost-effective ways. This program is specifically designed to show you how to achieve the same results without having to spend hundreds on ammunition, and to utilize the ammo that you do spend money on wisely.
  2. Barrier #2: not enough time to practice… let’s be honest, even if the range is ten minutes from the house, a range visit is going to take a minimum of 1-2 hours. Reasonably, most shooters do well to make it there once per week, which is great. But ask yourself, “what am I doing in between range sessions to maintain my skills?”. This program will help to reform the way you view firearms training by prioritizing short structured sessions throughout the week leading up to your next range session.
  3. Barrier #3: feeling lost when you do have time to train… refer back to the story at the beginning of this post. It is a frustrating feeling to spend time and money and not feel like you are getting anywhere. With 30+ structured drills and skills videos, private and group coaching calls, and a private community existing to guide you through the homework. This program will provide pre-written training plans that focus on your personal goals while being cost-effective to prevent mindlessly wasting ammo on the range. 

If you are looking to become a comfortable, confident, and proficient with your firearm in the most cost and time efficient way, this program is for you. Please feel free to read through some of the testimonials and reviews that our programs have received so far, and we hope you take advantage of registration while its currently at the lowest price it will ever be!

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