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(770) 500-3473 | info@ssusa.co

Shop Our Entire Distributor Network

In late 2021, just a few days before Black Friday & Cyber Monday, we upgraded our e-commerce system. That upgrade put everything in our brick & mortar store on our website. Since then, if it’s in our physical store, you can buy it on our ecommerce store at ssusa.co/shop. Today, we’re upgrading again. Not only can you shop whatever is in our store online, but now you can shop our entire distributor network for anything they have in stock.

Our Distributor Network

We buy a lot of our merchandise inventory direct from the manufacturers. We buy a lot of our inventory through local, regional, and national distributors. It’s a never ending balancing game to get the right inventory at the right time at the right price. So, we use all the tools at our disposal. This new ecommerce system enables us to open up our entire distributor network to you directly. Our distributors include RSR, SportsSouth, Zanders, Bill Hicks, Big Rock, Chattanooga, Davidsons, Gun Accessory Supply, and Iron Valley Supply.

Millions of Items

There’s a ton of overlap among what we can buy from these distributors, and their inventory changes literally every day. One day one distributor has the best price and availability on the Sig P365X-Macro, and the next day they have none. The same goes for nearly every brand of firearms, ammo, and accessories.

But now you can search through all of them at once. From AmeriGlo to Zastava, and everything in between.

Shipping Options

For any non-firearm, you can order and have it shipped directly to your address. For any firearm, have it shipped to SharpShooters or any other Federal Firearm Licensed gun store, and pick it up at your convenience.

When you have your firearms shipped to us here at SharpShooters, shipping is free, and there’s no transfer fee.

Shopping Options

Our goal is to give you the most options to find exactly what you’re looking for. This change lets you shop for anything we have on the floor from the comfort of your home, and also shop our entire distributor network for anything we might not have on hand.

And, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we will be happy to custom order it for you. Email us what you’re looking for, and we’ll find it.

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