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The 2-22-2022 Sale that ENDS on 2-22-2022

The Slightly Early 2-22-22 Sale starts Saturday and ends Tuesday.

Tuesday 2-22-2022 may not exactly slide off the tongue, but since that date is a “ubiquitous palindrome date,” we’re going to commemorate it by creating a sale so simple you’ll never forget it.

The 2-22-2022 Sale Details

The sale dates are from Saturday 2-19-22 through Tuesday 2-22-22. The main points of the sale are as follows.

  • All firearm accessories are 22% off. That includes triggers, lights, optics, holsters, cleaning kits, cases…
  • Select Firearms are $22 over our cost

By “Select Firearms“, we mean “select the firearm(s) you want, and we’ll tell you whether or not it’s just $22 over our cost.”

Ahem. Wink. Wink.

We’ll even show you our actual cost on the firearm(s) you might want to purchase. Add $22 to that, and you have your price. Crazy, huh?

Why Such a Crazy Sale?

I don’t have to tell you that 2020 and 2021 were a little different from “normal” years in the firearms industry. During the days and weeks that we had literally no inventory of firearms, we placed a lot of orders with the manufacturers you love the most. We kept placing orders because we kept selling out and we didn’t know when the insanity was going to end.

Now we’ve received all those orders. If you’ve ever worked in retail, you know that too much inventory is not a good thing, unless you’re heading into the Christmas shopping season. Well, we’re way past Christmas, and we’re ready to move this inventory. Hence, a little outside-the-box 2-22-2022 Sale.

Advantage: you! ūüôā

The Tuesday 2-22-2022 Sale does NOT Include…

This 2-22-22 sale does not apply to ammo, suppressors, consignment firearms, and LE program firearms. The sale applies to in-store purchases only, and is not valid with any other promotion or discount. Sorry, you know the drill.

See you this weekend, and Stay sharp!

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