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We’re a shooting range and firearms store, but our mission is education.
We have a duty to educate everyone who enters our doors about firearms safety,
and we employ the best, most experienced instructors to provide that education.


Maddy ScholarOwner and founder of The Red Letter Project , Maddy found her passion for shooting during her time as a law enforcement specialist in the US Coast Guard. During and after her time in service, she completed her Masters degree oversees in the United Kingdom as the recipient of a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship. She is a 4x published author in addition to her shooting career. She has also been involved in private security and executive protection work throughout the state.

Maddy is certified as an instrucor through multiple organizations, to include being a Training Counselor for the USCCA. She teaches full time and co-founded the Lady Sharpshooters group with her mother, Melissa. She is also an avid competitive shooter and looks to include more women in the sport.
In addition, Maddy attributes much of her teaching abilities to her background in competitive cage fighting, skydiving, bullriding, and river diving. Specifically, her passion for combat sports has led her to spread awareness of the importance of understanding how to better defend.

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Captain John NewCaptain John New
Cherokee Sheriff’s Office
Uniform Patrol Division Commander
FBI N/A 261

Captain John New has been working as a lead instructor with SharpShooters U.S.A. since 2011.  Captain New is a Certified General Instructor and Firearms Instructor through the State of Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council.  During his years of service, New has earned approximately 7,000 hours of training and certifications in many disciplines. 

Captain New began his career with Cherokee County in 1993. He eventually went on to work as a Deputy Sheriff in Uniform Patrol and Undercover Narcotics Investigations.  Captain New spent 20 years on the Agency’s S.W.A.T. Team, the last 8 of which he served as the Team Commander. Captain New currently commands the Uniform Patrol Division and is directly responsible for 114 personnel. 

Captain New has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Reinhardt University where he graduated with honors.  He is currently working on earning his Master’s Degree in Public Safety Administration from Columbus State University.  Captain New graduated from the 261st Session of the FBI National Academy in 2015.  Captain New is also a member of the United States Concealed Carry Association.

Captain New is very passionate about training new shooters and helping them choose a firearm that is right for them.  New teaches SharpShooters’ most popular class, “Introduction to Handgun Safety“.  Captain New is also a subject matter expert in the use of deadly force.  Captain New teaches this subject in his very unique class, “Georgia Gun Laws & Use of Deadly Force“.   Captain New has trained shooters ranging from those who have never handled a gun before to advanced S.W.A.T. operators. 

Josh MalletTrained at the Colorado School of Trades, Josh Mallet  is a certified armorer for multiple manufacturers and brings over 20 years of professional gunsmithing experience to SharpShooters USA.  Josh specializes in Sig Sauer handguns, trigger modifications, and performs extensive repairs and customization on most major brands of handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Josh teaches regular classes on Sig, Glock, and AR-15 maintenance. Schedule a private lesson with Josh today.

Nate KernNate Kern is a Professional Firearms Instructor and motorcycle racing professional, so proper preparedness, procedure, and safety are part of Nate’s DNA.

Nate’s very unique teaching style has derived from a combination of racing motorcycles professionally for 20 years and consulting multiple local, state, and federal agencies as a Firearms Instructor. 

For first time gun owners to those seeking advanced firearms training, Nate delivers a simple, highly articulate level of instruction appropriate for recreational shooting to advanced self defense.

Offering Single shooter private lessons, family lessons, and Corporate range days, Nate will deliver the necessary fundamentals for your Safety and Accuracy. Arrange a private lesson with Nate

Glen MizerGlen joined SharpShooters USA in January 2022 with over 35 years of shooting experience in pistol, rifle, and shotgun disciplines. His shooting experience combined with his teaching knowledge and experience enables him to tailor his instructional approach based on his student’s knowledge.

In addition to instructing firearms training, Glen is the owner of Sharpen & Refine LLC. which specializes in teaching all ages the skill and art of effective communication, public speaking, and personal security skills.

Glen retired from the US Army in 2006 as a First Sergeant after serving for 21 years. He served in both airborne and light infantry units as well as serving in various instructor roles to include Ranger Instructor in the mountain phase of the US Army Ranger course. As a Ranger Instructor, Glen taught military mountaineering and combat techniques to thousands of Ranger leaders. Some of the military schools Glen completed over his two-decade career are the Army Ranger School, Basic and Advanced Airborne School, Pathfinder School, and Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Level C- High Risk.

After retiring from the Army and spending two years as a stay-at-home dad with his two children, Glen was again hired by the Department of Defense to be the first Training Specialist at Camp Frank D. Merrill, the mountain phase of Army Ranger School. Glen has spent the last twelve years developing Ranger course instruction and training Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers at Camp Merrill and the 75th Ranger Regiment to become certified Ranger Instructors. Glen retired again in December 2021.

Glen believes in maintaining a high level of physical fitness and when he is not teaching, he enjoys exercising, and is a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Raven Jiu Jitsu in Cumming.

Glen is the developer and instructor of the Defensive Shotgun class. He also instructs private and group lessons. Additionally, he tracks employee certifications and facilitates corporate and private events at SharpShooters USA. Book a private RIFLE or SHOTGUN lesson with Glen today.