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11261 Alpharetta Highway, Roswell

4.4 445 reviews

  • Avatar Tim Dobbs ★★★★★ a week ago
    I went to SharpShooters for my first time going to an indoor range. I was nervous when I walked in but immediately after talking to the staff I was at ease and very comfortable!
    They have everything you need in order to have a great time
    … More at the range and prices are fair as well (I think).
    I'll definitely be going back and joining the membership program.
  • Avatar Sidcley Soares ☆☆☆☆ 3 weeks ago
    Very interesting experience on this place. I brought family here for some fun time shooting. Brought 3 family members for shooting. all 3 out of 4 with experience and 1 brand new to range. their only option for 4 people is to rent two lanes … More which we chose to be side by side so I could help them all. I chose a glock 44 (22lr caliber) and since were going to shoot in two lanes we decided to pick another 22lr to keep it controlled with 2 women and looking for a low recoil experience for the first time shooter. that is when things started to go south. I had a bad idea of choosing a ruger mark IV. for those that know the gun know that they way of loading the gun using its bolt ears is different. Well, recently they implemented a rule in sharpshooters that you cannot use lanes if you don't pass the loading/unloading the gun of your choice. no previous instructions passed. Long story short my family member didn't pass the test and was simply denied renting a gun on that day. No options to choose a regular gun. Nothing simply denied. Back and forth talking with staff (far from reasonable staff) and no options were given. We canceled the lanes and moved to Range next door in Sandy springs where we had a nice 3 hours fun in the range with family. Lesson learned for those reading this comment: If you are a "sharp shooter" and experience with all guns and you want to use your own gun or rent. definitely use the place. looks nice and comfy. If you are trying to have fun with family and mix new shooters with your party follow my advice and go elsewhere. It is not worth it.
  • Avatar Robert L. ★★★★★ a month ago
    I just wanted to give a shoutout to the crew that was working 1/17/2024. I dropped by yesterday evening to pickup an NFA item that was recently approved. I just so happened to stop by just after the new POS system was brought online. There … More were so me issues (or bugs with coding) with it but the team worked diligently so that I could walkout the door last night with my item. It took over two hours to make it happen and I even offered to comeback so that they could focus but the didn't give up. You know you have a good crew working for you when this type of customer service is delivered. This level of customer service is so rare today, I simply don't expect it to happen anymore, especially in a gun store. So great job to the SharpShooters USA team. You have a loyal customer for life.
  • Avatar Crystal Arnold (Crissy) ★★★★ a month ago
    Micah Shay and Guy are very welcoming and friendly. I purchased a gun online to be picked up from this dealer. Micah along with Shay was extremely helpful and answered any questions I may have had. The only thing I disliked was them not … More answering their phones. Each time I tried to call before actually going there it just rings them eventually voicemail. Other than that though my experience there was easy breezy. There’s plenty of parking and they’re open 6 days a week. I look forward to using their range in the future.
  • Avatar Jim Hanson ★★★★★ a month ago
    My first time shooting here and it was a great experience. Very professional staff and very diligent on maintaining range safety. The RO’s do not act like a bunch of arrogant A$$s. I really like that I could take the range safety course … More and fill out the paperwork online. We were able to come in as first time shooters effortlessly. The ranges are pretty up to date with automated targets staging and retrieval.
    I drive past three ranges closer to me to go here because of the amenities and staff. Highly recommended.
  • Avatar Christian Wursthorn ★★★★★ a month ago
    That was a really awesome experience. I had tons of fun; a really great time and I enjoyed every minute of it. Great staff, helpful, friendly. Fun of a lifetime. I most definitely visit again when being in the area. Thanks SharpShooters … More USA and your staff that fun day.
  • Avatar Alexander Rodriguez ★★☆☆☆ 2 months ago
    Transfer fee is ridiculous. Go down the street to silver dollar pawn it’s $20. Staff for the most part were accommodating and nice especially the gunsmith Josh. Some are just plain rude unfortunately. Great store.
  • Avatar San Yueng ☆☆☆☆ 2 months ago
    Ok first time coming into shoot at this place because I saw some rental handguns I would like to try out and I have experience in shooting too at other ranges. I had my eyes on the Springfield prodigy, echelon and maybe the Glock 47. First … More off they charge $15 dollars for one handgun and $25 for unlimited swaps “I am like what? John Creek on top of norcross $15 for unlimited swaps at their ranges. I realizes this from asking the employees the cost of renting but the nail on the coffin was one of the employee said to me I cannot shoot by myself unless I have my own firearm even though I was renting theirs. This makes no sense what so ever because if I do not have my own firearm and less say I am a first time gun buyer I still can't shoot even though I am trying to find the right firearms through rental! Yeah I am not gonna get mad at an employee doing his or her job and following this dumb policy that makes no sense at all so unfortunately I am not coming back.
  • Avatar Anthony Hughes ★★★☆☆ 2 months ago
    Waited 7+ months for a NFA item to be approved and sharpshooters would not release it to me once it was approved with stamp in hand. Said they had to process “paperwork” and it would take a couple of days. 4 days later and I still do not … More have my can. Utter incompetence and a slap in the face after having to wait for approval. Claims to be 2A friendly - proceeds to infringe. Will not be using them in the future.
    Additionally , they charge a ridiculous amount for transfers , $50? Get real. Go to the silver dollar a minute away where it’s only $20.
    Response to Sharpshooters:
    Per the ATF there is no other required paper work in order to release the item besides the approved form.
    You cannot charge a transfer fee as it was purchased through silencer shop… good try.
    “We don’t have to claim to be 2A friendly” - ok cool another great reason to no longer do business with you.
    Great job losing a long time customer - will be sure to share my experience with others in the community.
  • Avatar Jesus Suarez ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Great range! Guys down there will take care of you! Guy is the the guy to talk to and Josh will make sure your gun is working right. Awesome guys
  • Avatar Greg Gainey ☆☆☆☆ 4 months ago
    There are just better and cheaper alternatives. I live minutes away from the Alpharetta location and have been going there since they opened. Now, I drive an hour out of my way to go to other shooting ranges and gun stores. I have to … More agree with Tim and Nick given that I have witnessed a definite decline in customer service, extremely arrogant employees, and the prices have dramatically increased well over the norm. I recently decided to transfer a rifle for the first time. I had gone into the store 3 times. First time, to see what I needed to do, second, accessories and follow up questions for my purchase, third time to see what if any fees were involved and to check out an item they had in stock. I spoke to the same employee three times; exact fees were never discussed (if any). I was sure it would be $20-25, like every other place in Georgia. I placed my order, called to let them know, and tracked my purchase. Purchase was delivered, a couple of days went by, and I didn't hear anything, so I decided to stop in on my way home as I have done on many occasions. I walked in and asked about my FFL transfer, an employee yells across the building "DID WE CALL YOU!" I followed up with, "Just thought I would stop in." Employee goes into the back, comes out stating arrogantly "Your lucky, we just finished checking it in!" I did the required paperwork and was told I can pay the FFL transfer fee of $60 at the counter. I honestly thought they were joking with me. Not a chance, especially given the bad attitudes of almost everyone there that day. I will never purchase another firearm or use their facilities again and I always make sure to refer people somewhere else.
  • Avatar Bill Hunt ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    great place/range, includes rentals including F/A. Knowledgeable staff, excellent gunsmith, very efficient FFL transfer process. Annual memberships.
  • Avatar Tim O'Neill ☆☆☆☆ 7 months ago
    Arrogant manager/ owner. Smart mouth and untrained staff, too expensive...left after 3 years once the new owner and new staff started. The Gun Smith was Josh and is the only good one left there. Sad as it was a super place to go.
  • Avatar Saif Haslani ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Sharpshooters is a strong 1 hour drive from me but when I got an email about Daniel Defense Day I had to make the trip with 2 of my buddies. Let me just say we had a blast. We got to shoot 6 kitted and awesome AR's (including a silenced … More sniper!) and the instructors were happy to answer questions and wanted us to have fun. Once we were done there was no pressure to purchase anything but had some reps there to answer any questions. The store inventory was pretty bare bones since the last time I visited (probably a year + ago) but I have got several emails from the team that they are in there slower season and have cut store hours which adds up. Would highly recommend and I'll certainly try to make the trek if they have any cool events!
  • Avatar Atticus Nguyen ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    This is far from the closest range for me, but I will say that this is one of my favorite ranges to shoot in the Atlanta area. The range is clean and modern with a plethora of rental guns to try out. The RSO on duty today was also super … More vigilant, kind, and understanding with helping me figure out the issues with the target retrieval system, which just needed to be rebooted.
  • Avatar Nick Barber ☆☆☆☆ 8 months ago
    Visited for my first time this past weekend, my crew already had 2 lanes, I didn't need much ammo and already had all my gear. The attendant with a scruffy beard gave me the riot act because I didn't understand him that he was … More asking to check if I had any ammo I brought in. I didn't. Got into the booth, was getting my items out and not long after that, we then had a gentlemen come in saying we need to keep all muzzles down range. The reason was I got my AR out in the booth, muzzle was up to the ceiling the entire time but apparently scruffy said we were flagging everyone. Not true, but fine all good go about our day, then not long after that, had another guy comes in saying we had been switching lanes with firearms and to keep them in range. At this point we were all upset because none of this was the case. We firmly disagreed and the the employee said he was just being told by the other employees. After that no disturbance but that's the last time I ever go to this place. Also funny both guys were no longer in the shop when we were leaving. Either in the back or new shift. Either way poor experience.
  • Avatar Michael Francis ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Absolutely love making a trip to sharpshooter. It is far from the closest option for me, but I do dot mind the extra distance when it’s for such a great facility. Staff was very professional and helpful. Prices are fair and offer a great … More value. And the inventory always has something new to offer. I would highly recommend everyone visit here whether for shooting, training, or to make your next purchase.
  • Avatar Sidney Sidell ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Went to Sharpshooters looking to get questions answered on 2 possible gun purchases. Gus was a fantastic help. No pressure, or arrogance(that some shops/salespeople have). Not only did he recommend a few options, but he clearly stated … More his opinions about the pros and cons of each gun. I ended up purchasing two firearms and left with more knowledge than I had when I walked in.
  • Avatar Siegfrield Batista ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    My wife and I had an amazing time at SharpShooters USA! Being complete novices, we were apprehensive about handling firearms. However, the two highly skilled instructors at the range put us at ease and provided us with a tailored beginner … More course. Not only did they prioritize safety, but they also gave us the opportunity to try out a variety of firearms, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. The instructors' expertise and guidance made the experience even more enjoyable, and we left feeling more confident and knowledgeable about shooting. I highly recommend this range to anyone looking to learn about firearms and have a thrilling time in a safe environment.
  • Avatar Geraldd Williams ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    I love to shoot and I have been to ranges all around the Atlanta area. SharpShooters gets it right. Clean lanes with little or no wait. A great membership program with a wide selection of guns, ammo and gear. I have taken classes here and … More I get a weekly email update of courses offered and sales going on each week. The staff is friendly and the range hardware is easy to use. It’s a great place to shoot.
  • Avatar Arthur S ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    I will keep it simple and straightforward. This is one of the nicest and cleanest indoor ranges I've been too. The staff is great and proactive when it comes to safety. A solid amount of guns to rent from as well. I've taken one … More course (defensive pistol) and Maddy was awesome. Already signed up for an additional course as well. I'd recommend for you stop by and see/shoot for yourself!
  • Avatar B B ★★★★★ a year ago
    I highly recommend this range. As a frequent patron I can’t say enough about how professional and clean this range is. The staff are extremely helpful and are honest. The prices are fair and they do a great and thorough job to understand … More their client needs. They deserve this rating because they have earned it!
  • Avatar Andrei Levchik ★★★★★ a year ago
    Nice people, great clean range. Josh the gunsmith is the man. You can find anything you need for you 2A needs, including training and advise. Love going there - maked me happy like a little kid. Maybe they need to start selling ice cream … More - would go great after releasing some steam at the range 😁
  • Avatar Trey Green ★★★★★ a year ago
    This is my go to range and gunsmith. The gunsmith Josh is my kind of people. 🤘 The place is always clean, the staff always friendly and helpful. This place is perfect for beginners and pros alike. I drive 45 minutes just to come to this … More range and I recommend it to everyone I know.
  • Avatar William Hutcheson ★★★★★ a year ago
    This review is about their gunsmith Josh. Really awesome guy. I brought in my full auto MP5 trigger pack last week to fix an alignment issue with my selector switch. He took a look and tried for a few minutes. Eventually though it was … More a tougher job so he agreed to take the item into the shop. I called back a few days later and it was ready. When I asked him how much he said no charge!
    Unbelievable. Due to the complexity and cost of that trigger pack I was expecting a bill of at least $100. Josh did a great job and fixed me right up. Awesome guy and he also does great work. I will be taking all my firearms to him. Thanks Josh!
  • Avatar NL Vibes ★★★★★ a year ago
    This review is about their gunsmith Josh. Really awesome guy. I brought in my full auto MP5 trigger pack last week to fix an alignment issue with my selector switch. He took a look and tried for a few minutes. Eventually though it was … More a tougher job so he agreed to take the item into the shop. I called back a few days later and it was ready. When I asked him how much he said no charge!
    Unbelievable. Due to the complexity and cost of that trigger pack I was expecting a bill of at least $100. Josh did a great job and fixed me right up. Awesome guy and he also does great work. I will be taking all my firearms to him. Thanks Josh!
  • Avatar Stephan DeBow ★★★★★ a year ago
    WOW! We had a private event with Melissa and Glenn for our party of 7 today. They opened 1.5 hours early to accommodate our party and relatives in town from Germany on possibly the busiest day of the year. Melissa and Glenn were SAFE, … More amazing instructors and patient. They helped my 14 year old daughter go from a shaking hand at the start of the range time to safely, loading, chambering a round and firing comfortably down range on her own hitting target. We will be back again to see these kind, patient, professional people at SharpShooters! All the best! Stephan
  • Avatar Nick ★★★★★ a year ago
    Extremely competent guys and gals at this establishment, staff is extremely knowledgeable in all fields, and can help with any questions asked no matter the nature. I got helped by the gunsmith who again was super nice and got my rifle … More sorted with ease. Everyone had a smile on their face and was happy to help.
  • Avatar Jonathan Corona ★★★★★ a year ago
    been coming here since its inception- i usually am there every to every other weekend shooting- Maddy the instructor- amazing. She is very skilled and more importantly makes the wife want to shoot more and more. which is a great thing by … More itself. Become a member nad get 10% off purchases. Typically they also have a sale every couple months that knocks that price even lower. The ammo is actually decently priced.
    The one time I had an issue- they fixed it right then and there.
    I will continue to support and boast how great these cats are. also they got the silencer shop kiosk, makes life easier
  • Avatar Kristen ODell ★★★★★ a year ago
    Tim was the range safety officer and he was wonderful with this new shooter! I would highly recommend going.
  • Avatar Chris Werner ★★★★★ a year ago
    My favorite place in Roswell. Purchased my second firearm here and got my parents to sign up for a membership. Thank you to everyone who helped us out yesterday and a huge thank you to Lake for helping me get the paperwork in order. The … More employees here are outstanding. THANK YOU!!!
  • Avatar Mark Zabilla ★★★★★ a year ago
    Brought a firearm into the gunsmith, he was really friendly, fast, and accurate. What more can you ask for? 100% recommend this place.
  • Avatar Mayday McNay ★★★★★ a year ago
    Best gun store I’ve been to. Staff is savvy, knowledgeable, eager to help, and not too uptight to crack jokes. Prices are the best I’ve seen, a lot of products still sitting at the pre-covid cost. The gunsmith in particular is an unbeatable … More asset. I think his name is josh? Every time I do something dumb to a gun he fixes it in seconds and I leave smarter and happier than when I came in. These guys bend over backwards to help get people set up, whatever their needs are.
  • Avatar Lexi Brown ★★★★★ a year ago
    Professional, respectful, and knowledgeable staff. I have nothing negative to say. I’m definitely coming back!
  • Avatar Ellis Bowler ★★★★★ a year ago
    I have been coming here for years and every single time I am welcomed with open arms and amazing employees. Their indoor range (and the rules that they have) are amazing. That ventilation system that they have is superb and clears that … More air very quick and well. The classes that they have are also top notch. They run them almost weekly and are incredibly informative. I can go on and on and on about why they are top tier, but I am lay and on mobile lol. If you are weary about coming here, dont be because they will take proper care of you and make sure that you are confident with what you do. Go and have a good time.
  • Avatar Wardell Williams ★★★★★ a year ago
    Son 20 purchased a rifle from sharp shooters and facility was very nice. Georgia just passed law that you don’t need a concealed carry permit. I’m not playing that game, I’ll be setting my wife and both of my young adult children son … More (20) daughter (21) for classes. I want them to respect the gun and understand how to use them safely. Also want everyone to be able to drive and wear concealed carry Georgia badge to identify to police so there’s no confusion on legality. The Williams Family
  • Avatar shiggy001 ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    First time visiting and had nothing but a great experience! Staff were all super friendly and helpful. My man Chuck (Range officer) made sure we had a good time and gave us pointers to help correct our form and execution. He also had us … More play the Chuck Challenge (patent pending). 😂
    Would highly recommend to anyone in need of a range.
  • Avatar Justin Hobbs ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I went to SharpShooters USA for the Jerry Lee fundraiser on Labor Day. It was my first time going to the range and i can say I’ll defiantly go back. The showroom had a great selection of products and the staff were professional and nice. … More The ranges were clean and taking care of. I live in Cartersville and will by pass a couple ranges to go an hour away to shoot from now on.