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(770) 500-3473 | info@ssusa.co



SharpShooters is an FFL dealer and we also have an SOT, or Special Occupational Taxpayer, which is a Federal Firearms Licensee who pays a special annual tax in order to deal with a special class of firearms.

When you purchase a firearm from an FFL dealer and need to have them ship your firearm to you, you can instruct that FFL to ship the firearm here to SharpShooters. We’ll receive the firearm into our system, and call you when it’s ready to be picked up.

When we transfer a firearm to you, you must complete the Form 4473 and undergo the NICS background check just as if you were buying the firearm from us. We charge a $50 transfer fee ($25 for Members), payable when you take possession of the firearm.

Firearm Transfer Policy 

Procedures for Incoming Transfers: 

If a firearm is purchased online from a dealer or from another individual and you would like SharpShooters USA to handle the incoming transfer, please follow these steps to avoid any delays. 

  • Firearm Transfer Fee: $50 for individuals and $25 for members. 
  • NFA Transfer Fee: $100 for individuals and $50 for members. 

After the dealer transfer arrives, the customer has 90-calendar days from the received date to pick up their firearm/s. 

A background check is required for individuals without an in-date carry license. Please make time for your background check and applicable paperwork ~30 minutes.

If 90 days pass and the firearm/items have not been picked up, the items will be surrendered to SharpShooters USA as abandoned property.

  • Purchase and pay for the firearm directly with the other Dealer or Individual. They will ask where you would like your firearm shipped. Our operating address is: 

SharpShooters USA 
11261 Alpharetta Hwy
Roswell, GA 30076 

  • Provide the dealer/individual shipping the firearm to SharpShooters USA our email address, if they do not have our FFL on file or need a copy. Upon receipt of email, we will send them our FFL and any other necessary information. 


  • Ensure that the person shipping the firearm includes either a copy of their Federal Firearms License (FFL) with the shipment OR, if the person is not a dealer, a copy of the seller’s unexpired State-issued Driver’s License. Additionally, they must include your contact information such as first name, last name, and phone number so we can call you when the firearm(s) arrive. 
  • When contacted that your transfer has arrived, you will need an unexpired State-issued Driver’s License. A background check will be required for all serialized transfers unless you operate under an unexpired State Weapon Carry License. 

Background Checks: 

Background Checks are performed at the time the firearms are to be picked up. Only the person for which the firearm was originally sent can complete the transfer. If transferring a firearm for any individual other than yourself, you must specify explicit permission from your purchasing FFL Dealer to ship the firearm to such described individual. If someone fails a background check, the firearm will be returned to the FFL that transferred the firearm to us only after we have received payment for the transfer and shipping fees. 

Returned Inbound Transfers: 

The customer (intended recipient) is responsible for all return shipping charges should they wish to cancel and return a firearm to a dealer/transferor. The individual should have all pertinent information such as FFL and shipping labels sent to receiving@ssusa.co to have this processed within a timely manner. Please add the RMA and name to the subject line to better clarify that an RMA (Return to Manufacturer) has been submitted. 

Special Orders: 

Special orders can be made in-store for you and your order can be shipped to our store without the need to purchase online elsewhere. There are no transfer fees associated with Web Store orders and Special Orders. All special orders are FINAL. Payment must be taken at the time the order is placed. No refunds or exchanges after a special order is placed. ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON SPECIAL ORDERS. NO RETURNS, REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. 

Abandoned Inbound Transfers: 

Firearms transferred to SharpShooters USA are considered abandoned if not picked up within 90 calendar days from the date the firearm was received unless prior arrangements were made, and agreed to by SharpShooters receiving and shipping management. If we are unable to contact you by phone, (e.g. Shipper does not provide a contact number, you have changed your number, you have a voicemail that has not been set-up, or we do not have correct number), then it is your responsibility to come in and collect your firearm(s) within 90-calendar days, and have the firearm(s) transferred into your name. Abandoned firearms will be disposed of for the previously anticipated cost of transfer and storage. All money collected from the sale of an abandoned and sold firearm shall belong to SharpShooters USA and the intended recipient of such firearm shall not have any action or repercussions against the business, its owner/s, agents, or successors, employers or others within the business. 

NOTE: Unless pursuant to an appeal with the ATF/Local authorities If you are unable to return your firearm to the aforementioned FFL and are unwilling to pay your fees, it will be considered abandoned. 

NOTE: To avoid potential straw purchases, only the dealer/transferor of a firearm can change the name of the person who will receive the gun. Contact must be made by email to secure valid records for these changes. 

NOTE: We will notify you when the firearm has arrived and is ready for pick up if a contact number is provided with the transfer. Please be sure to include your phone number with your order so that we can notify you. Please be sure to account for all processing times and paperwork application delays. 

NOTE: If the seller does not provide their FFL or ID with the firearm and lacks contact information, we cannot receive the firearm to transfer to you and a return label will be made and sent back out within 24 hours if no contact is made. These charges will be billed on delivery. 


By having a gun(s) shipped to SharpShooters USA for transfer, you agree to these terms in their entirety.