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Sig Sauer BDX Kit w/Sierra3BDX and Kilo2400BDX

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Features of the Sig Sauer BDX Combo Kit:

  • Scope and Laser Rangefinder connect via Bluetooth
  • Uses Sig Sauer’s Applied Ballistics Ultralight™ and LevelPlex™ digital anti-cant software systems to provide an accurate shooting solution to riflescope





The Sig Sauer BDX Kit w/Sierra3BDX and Kilo2400BDX combines the Sierra3BDX with the Kilo 2400BDX Laser Rangefinder to produce a set up that insures your shot will hit its mark and give you a clean kill. The riflescope and laser range finder work in conjunction via Bluetooth connection. The on-board software utilizes Sig Sauer’s BDX ballistics calculation system that takes into account your rifle’s ammunition type, windage and distance to the target to calculate a shooting solution. The result of this calculation is then transmitted to the Sierra3BDX riflescope, and a holdover point will illuminate in the reticle. Using the BDX system on the BDX Kit w/Sierra3BDX and Kilo2400BDX is fast and easy: download the “SIG BDX” app onto an Android or iOS smartphone, pair the Sierra3BDX scope with the Kilo 2400BDX rangefinder via Bluetooth and set up your ballistics profile. After that, the whole system is ready for hunting or shooting.


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