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(770) 500-3473 | info@ssusa.co

Sig Days June 23 & 24

This coming Friday & Saturday are Sig days at SharpShooters. If you love Sig Sauer products, this weekend is for you. From 11AM on Friday to 8PM on Saturday, we’ll be all about Sig Sauer products. Here’s what we’ve got going on.

Try the Sigs Before You Buy the Sigs

Our Sig reps are bringing a load of Sig Sauer demo guns for you to test fire, to see what they’re actually like. Great opportunity to actually shoot the gun(s) you’ve been looking at before you lay out your hard earned money. Sign up here to shoot on Friday or Saturday. Just $10 to cover ammo.

Here’s the lineup of Sig Sauer demo guns for both Friday & Saturday.

  • P320
  • P320X5 Legion
  • P320 COMPACT
  • P365 Rose
  • P365-XMacro
  • MCX-Spear Rifle
  • Cross Rifle
  • P226
  • P226 Legion
  • P229

Sign up here to shoot the Sigs of your choice. Just $10 for ammo. When you purchase any Sig Sauer P320 or P365, you’ll get 2 boxes of Sig Sauer defense ammo free with your purchase, as well as a $60 store credit for the Sig Sauer web store.

Sig Sauer Training Classes

On Saturday at 10AM and 4PM, you are invited to exclusive sessions with our Sig Sauer representatives. In the first interactive session at 11AM, you will learn all about the Sig Sauer Fire Control Unit (FCU) and all the options for customizing your very own P320 or P365 starting with the FCU. In the second session at 3PM, you’ll learn all about Sig Sauer’s red dot optics product line.

Both classes are free, but seating is limited and registration is required.

Sig Sauer Reps in the Store

Sig Sauer is sending two of their representatives to make a temporary home at SharpShooters this weekend. While they’re here, they will be answering your questions, giving you detailed tours of all the Sig firearms in the store, and telling everyone what’s new and what’s coming from Sig Sauer.

Sig Swag

And, of course, there’s the Sig swag. Sig has a great brand, and all their swag is top notch. When you sign up to shoot the Sigs, you’re first in line for the swag.

We’ve got a great selection of Sig Sauer firearms already in the store, and more on the way. See you this weekend!

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