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Breakdown: The Best Review Ever

best review ever

Whether you like him or not, Bill Gates was very astute when he pointed out, “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Indeed, we have learned something from every negative review we’ve received. But not today! Today, we’re celebrating, breaking down, and highlighting the best review ever.

Frequently Asked Questions at SharpShooters

Frequently Asked Questions

We love answering your questions about guns, ammo, training, accessories, and pretty much anything else firearm related. At our core, we are an education provider. We just happened to be disguising ourselves as a shooting range and gun store. Our primary occupation is helping people like you learn more about firearms, safety, self-defense, shooting, and whatever else it is you want to learn more about guns. However, we do get some questions more frequently than others. Below is a rundown of our most frequently asked questions here at SharpShooters, on the retail floor, on the range, on the phones, and from our website.