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Right to Bear: Why Switch from USCCA

SharpShooters has been an official USCCA partner for as long as I can remember, and long before I took over operations here. Earlier this month, we left USCCA and joined Right to Bear. Here’s why and what that means.

First, Why Do I Even Care?

Do you carry? Then you should care. Life is not like the movies. When you have to act in self defense – especially with your concealed carry firearm – your life will change severely for the next year or two at least. Remember the US Marine in NYC who subdued the crazed homeless man, and is now charged with murder? His life is changed forever, because certain law enforcement officials do not value our freedom to defend ourselves. If you have to use your weapon, your life will change, at least in the short term, guaranteed. You’ll need legal defense.

Who is Right to Bear?

Right to Bear is a legal defense association, a competitor to USCCA, with quite a few differences. These differences are the reasons we chose to move from USCCA to Right to Bear. For you, the consumer, the primary benefit of joining Right To Bear is that RTB provides legal defense for acts of self-defense that are generally not covered by homeowners/renters insurance policies.

What are the Differences?

There are 3 primary differences between Right to Bear and USCCA:

  • Price – Right to Bear is only $11 per month (that’s less than Netflix) per person covered, and your minor children are only $4 per month each.
  • Service – When we contacted Right to Bear, they showed up the next week and began educating our staff. When you’re a member, and you need RTB, you have a phone number that’s answered by a human 24/7/365.
  • Coverage – RTB is not an insurance company, but rather an association who provides legal defense for its members. When you go to their website here, the first word you’ll notice is “unlimited,” as in “unlimited Civil & Criminal Defense” coverage.

About that Coverage

Members have coverage for all attorney fees with no caps and no limits, both criminally and civilly, including:

  • Expert Witness Coverage
  • Gun Replacement
  • Accidental Discharge
  • Psychological Support
  • Multi-State Coverage (available as an add-on)
  • Secondary member (available as an add-on)
  • Minor Child (available as an add-on)
  • Bail Bond Coverage (available as an add-on)

As a member, you will receive access to an Attorney-answered emergency hotline, 24/7/365. This availability is imperative as crime rates have sky-rocketed and the ability to be represented immediately by an attorney is crucial to any incident.

Get to Know Right to Bear

We’ve gotten to know the folks at Right to Bear, and they’d like to get to know you as well. On Monday evening, July 10th, Right to Bear will be at SharpShooters to conduct a free educational event: Georgia Gun & Self Defense Laws.

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  1. When is the next session with RTB? I am interested in a membership. I have some questions about the range of benefits and serviceable geographical applicability. Does it carry with you outside of GA?


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