770-500-F-I-R-E (3473) | info@ssusa.co

770-500-F-I-R-E (3473) | info@ssusa.co

Firearms Training Classes: September & October

Can you feel it? Fall. Is. Here. And so are a few newly updated firearms training classes, including…

If you’ve been considering taking our USCCA Intro to Handgun Safety class with Maddy Scholar, but just can’t pull the trigger, we’ve put together a synopsis of everything you’ll learn in this class. It’s an amazing 4 hours.

Following is a simple listing of the firearms training classes we’re offering for the remainder of September and all of October. We’re offering everything from hand-to-hand self defense to long distance precision rifle shooting, and everything in between.

Firearms Training Calendar for SEPTEMBER:

Thursday September 16

Friday September 17

Saturday September 18

Sunday September 19

Thursday September 23

Saturday September 25

Sunday September 26

Thursday September 30

Training Calendar for OCTOBER:

Saturday October 2

Wednesday October 6

Wednesday October 13

Saturday October 16

Sunday October 17

Wednesday October 20

Friday October 22

Saturday October 30

Sunday October 31

Saturday November 6

Our official firearms training calendar is available on our website at ssusa.co/calendar. Remember, SharpShooters Members get 10% off of select training classes, and anyone can arrange private training sessions here.

Thank you very much for your support of our training programs. We’re continuing to learn and build new classes.

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