Shotgun Workshop August 26

Shotguns are cool. There’s double barrel side by side, double barrel over & under, pump, semi-automatic, bullpup, and “other firearm” shotguns. All cool. All fun. All different. All with different uses and purposes. Birds, clays, self-defense. Then there’s shotgun ammo. Shot, buck, slug…again, all cool, all for different purposes. How would you like to know exactly what those different types and purposes are? Now’s your chance. Glen Mizer is teaching a 1-hour shotgun workshop on Saturday, August 26. As it turns out, just totally by chance, we’ll have just a few shotguns in the house. Some of them will even have some wood on them.

Tactical Shotguns

Like your tactical pistols and rifles, tactical shotguns are usually black/FDE, metal, and plastic with accessories to make them user-friendly in self defense or home defense situations. But what length of barrel is best for home defense? Do you use 12 gauge or 20 gauge for home defense? Which is better or more appropriate: slugs or buckshot? What’s the difference? WHY?

Lots of choices and options for shotgun home defense. Glen will clear it all up for you.

Sporting Shotguns

Have you ever shot sporting clays? It’s a bit like golf, only better. I’ve shot clays since I was a wee little lad, and I still find nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than bustin’ a few hundred clays with good friends out in the middle of nowhere. I have a friend whose son is a competitive skeet shooter. I can’t hang with that, but the skill of these professional skeet shooters is outrageous. You don’t want to know how much they pay for one 12-gauge shotgun. They use special ammo, too. Good for them, right?? But what should you use when you learn to shoot skeet or sporting clays? Again, what gauge, what ammo, what length?

Hunting Shotguns

Dove, quail, turkey, pheasant? Different birds, different hunting scenarios, different sizes, different everything. So which shotgun do you use for each? Which type of shotgun ammo? The questions are nearly the same as for sporting clays or self defense use.

There is some overlap between what gauge and ammo you’ll use to hunt which bird, and Glen will clear all that up on Shotgun Saturday.

Shotgun Saturday

The 1 hour Shotgun Workshop is Saturday, August 26, from 12noon to 1PM, with plenty of time for Q&A afterwards.

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