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Pay with Cash or Card? That is the Question

Back in September, the ISO (International Standards Organization), Mastercard, Visa, and American Express agreed to create and implement a new MCC (merchant category code) strictly for gun dealers. Well, we’re a gun dealer and most of our sales come via credit card payments. So, for those people who don’t want the government – or anyone else like big banks – tracking their purchases at any gun store, you now have several alternatives here at SharpShooters. Now you have 4 legitimate options for in store and online purchases so you can pay with cash or card. The choice is up to you.

60 Day Layaway

We used to do layaway, but the frenzy of 2020-2021 caused us to stop because the demand for any and all firearms was so high that we couldn’t keep up. Now that the market has calmed down a bit, we’re happy to offer 60-Day Layaway as one alternative to using a credit card. When you complete the transaction, it’s just as if you chose to pay with cash.

Instant Financing

This one is new. We’ve never offered in-store financing, but now the folks at Credova enable us to offer you instant financing both in the store and on our ecommerce site. It takes about 3 minutes to apply, and you can use your mobile device or one of the computers in our lobby.

An ATM in the Store

Definitely want to pay with cash? We got you. Just last week, we finally got the final piece of the puzzle in place: an ATM in the store. Any card any time, so you don’t ever have to worry about going somewhere else to get cash.

A 3% Cash Discount

Finally, starting today, Monday November 21, 2022, we are offering a 3% discount when you pay with cash, kinda like the old gas stations used to do. So, now you’re paying less to pay with cash instead of using a credit card or debit card.

Pay with Cash or Card: Your Choice

Want to pay with a card? That’s just fine. Prefer to layaway, finance, or pay with cash? We got you. More options for you is better.

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